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Merry Christmas

I have great news! One week today Christmas will have arrived. It’s been a long time since the Pope in 353AD declared Dec 25th the day to celebrate Jesus birth. A lot has happened over all these years. Not only has Christianity grown to be the largest religion in the world but Christmas has become universal. Everyone is celebrating “The Season”. It has moved past the celebration by people who know all about Jesus.
Part of the main emphasis of Christs birth rides on the reality that God wanted to show the world that He loved them and desired to bring us back into a meaningful relationship with Him. And so, He sent His Son. Now after more than 2000 years, our world is still looking desperately for someone to love and be loved by. For most people in this world, they have tagged on to the spirit of Christmas. Being loved and to love is the strongest emotions that God placed within us. It needs the personal reality of that desire.
Next Monday after all the presents are opened, and some broken already, it will be time to take a break. It will be a time to take a moment, were in that lull or quiet time, to think about the reason for the season.
We who love Christ have spent four weeks trying desperately to get closer to Jesus, the baby in the feeding trough. I believe that as we stand in the shadow of Jesus, we will know how close we are to Him when our shadow disappears and it is overshadowed by His.
While you are taking some time away from cleaning up the ripped wrapping paper and starting the Christmas meal, decide to go to church and worship Him, the Son of God. Don’t just post a nice cute picture and saying on Facebook, go and face Him as He lies in the manger. After all, it’s His birthday.
Something To Think about.
To all of you, I wish you a Merry Christmas as we celebrate His birth.