Marking To Remember

I was having a wonderful conversation recently that took me back to my early school days. It’s interesting how a conversation can do that. I was hearing how they were not able to remember too much of what they read. I had, or should I say have the same problem. Read a book and after a short time, remembered very little about the story other than some details that perked my interest. Everything else disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

Many of you know, I’m not the best person to remember names. Even today, when I’m reading I have a tendency to skip over names. I’m reading a great ministry book right now but I couldn’t tell you who wrote it. Just looked, it’s Thom Schultz. From this, I probably will only remember the Thom due to this different way of spelling the name.

This gets me back to comprehending. Over all these year I have developed a way of helping my memory. Doesn’t always help but it does something more than what’s been happening for almost 60years. I carry a highlighter. Yes, as I’m reading, I mark lines, phrases and even complete paragraphs so, when I do forget, the emphasis on ‘do’ I can go back and flip through the pages looking for the highlighted words.

Here is the thing, if we read our bible and never highlight or underline or put dates on the page, we lose what God is telling us at the time. I do not have one bible that I have used that doesn’t have one or all of these things in it. Years later as I read a passage again, I’m reminded of what God had to say way back when and in doing so; I relearn something I should never forget.

David said it; “Oh, how I love your (word) law! I meditate on it all day long.” So, go ahead and mark up your bibles. When you do, you will remember those days in your life when God walked with you and talked with you.

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