Lifelong Learning

Our children have in most cases been working very hard this year. Some have been like me and are just getting through another year. Most others have put their minds to work and have made it a priority to excel. I know you are now thinking which one you were.

So, how about you today?  Are you a different person, or should I say a better person this June then you were when you stepped into last Sept?  It’s not about getting through or just getting it done. Are you a better person now than you were back them? We all remember setting goals and running after our own ambition. We were going to make a difference. Some of us really did want to be a better person, someone who other people looked up to.

Some of us wanted this but became sidetracked by things in life. Things out of our realm of influence and for others it was the loss of drive and focus. Now, as we are looking back and ahead, we know that all of it must have been orchestrated by a God who knows what He wants to see in us. And – we are grateful.

Artie Shaw’s motto of life is not on my office wall just to take up space. It is a motto that should motivate you to make the best of your life, your abilities and your desire to follow Him. It’s to keep going, growing and learning. There is in all of us a focus on being a . . . well, a better person and a better follower of Jesus Christ’s.  Artie put it this way; Good Enough is Not God Enough! Full Stop!

Here is the thing. One part of life is an ongoing process. We need to continue to grow in our spiritual lives. There is so much about God we have yet to learn. Things that are important to pass on to others and thing we need to know before we physically stand before Him. Don’t stop, our eternity depends on it. Continue to get to know Him and be ready, just like that old hymn tells us; “I wish we’d all been ready”.

Something to think about


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