Let’s Have Fun!

As we think about our summer vacation, we all dream of how it’s going to be. First, like most things in life, we think this vacation should be fun. It seems that most people want to have fun more than any other emotion connected to vacations. We went on a trip one time and it was going to be fun. Or so we thought. It didn’t turn out that way. You probably had one or two like that. It rained too much or it was way too hot. Then there are others that have told us it was nothing like what was advertised. Disappointed? Definitely.

The same is true every time we don’t experience what we thought would come about. Life is like that. Life doesn’t always have a happy ending, or in between time. Life can be hard but can you imagine what the disciples were thinking when Jesus told them He was leaving and they would have to suffer like He would? What’s with that? That wasn’t in their plan. They were His closest followers and they might have been thinking they were set for life. No one that I know of wants to suffer pain or sorrow or loss or, well, you get the idea.

Jesus did not promise a rose garden to them or to us. And He sure enough warned them of what was going to come. Those who follow Jesus, know it’s not always easy but they also know they would not have it any other way. I remember my dad telling to never consider going into ministry because the pay is terrible and people are fickle (whatever that means). As you can tell I didn’t listen to him, and I listened to God. Was dad right? In the eyes of world, sometimes, and in the eyes of God, no. The riches of this life can’t compare to the riches of heaven where one day I will meet all those people God helped me help them find Him. When we get there, then and only then will the joy of this life’s journey be seen by each of us to have been amazing.

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