Let There Be Light

Last Friday, on a trip to the lumber yard I happened upon a sale on LED lights. Holding back, one package should do for our home. It got me thinking about what had been conveyed on the computer a year or so ago.

They have discovered that the world is becoming a very bright place since the invention and development of LED lights. They have even taken satellite images of before and after LED. The difference is amazing. Do a web search and see what I’m talking about. All of this light affects all of us. You really have to get out of town at night to see the stars and the wonder of God in the night sky. The lamplight outside my bedroom window was changed to LED a year ago and I’m still wondering if I should be wearing one of those night time masks or just move out of town.

This, because of the series we are going through here at the church about ‘finding the disciple in us’, got me to think about us. Jesus said at one point that He ‘is the light of the world’. Then later He referred to us as the light of the world. Which at another point begs us to ask, is the church of Jesus Christ getting bright or fading? This is what I know, the world getting to be a brighter place due to LED development. This makes us, as a church, dare to ask the question, are we developed and done the same to bring the light of Jesus?

This is not just a church thing, it’s a personal think. Here is Jesus again: “Let your light so shine before the world around you that they may see your good works and glorify our Father in heaven”.

Something to think about.


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