Learning to Skate

We are all on the giving or getting side of living. Someone out there just happens to be the person who gives us encouragement and praise when we need it. Then again, we can be the one standing on the sidelines giving others the encouragement they need.

Remember when you were a child just going out and learning how to skate? It seemed like it was impossible. Well except for us old guys who had those skates that attached to the bottom of your shoes with two blades on each foot. In many cases it was our mom or dad holding us up.

And who was there for you, or have you been there at someones school graduation? Remember being there for someone else’s graduation and sitting there reminiscing about what it was like and who was there when the same thing happened to you?

Some of didn’t have that pleasure. Parents were working, brothers and sisters had their own things to do. It’s a lonely walk home by yourself. The feelings don’t just go away the next morning. Over time you forget and move on to other things. Life gets back to normal and before you know it there is another event and someone is there to encourage you.

Life is a complexed thing. We move from one milestone to the next and all along, we know that God never leaves us nor forsakes us. And in those moments He is there. He created us and gave us a purpose under heaven to strive to reach that purpose. I wonder if all of you know, that while we are cheering other on, or having others cheer us on, He is in the stands as well, but He is not just in those stands, He is standing and shouting and yelling to us, “Go for it! You can do it!

Something to think about


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