Kids Carrying Palms

I always like Palm Sunday and by the way, that’s a hint about what’s happening at church this coming Sunday.  You see, when our family was young it was customary to be there on this Sunday because it was a big day for all the kids, and the parents as well. We two boys would show up in our black slacks and white shirt. On our feet were our go to church shoes and always wore a tie.
The children’s story always revolved around the palm branches. The minister told the story or Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He told us that Jesus came riding on a donkey that had never been ever ridden. Didn’t think much of that until I was older and learned about having to train it to carry someone. He then told us about how people cut off palm branches as a form or respect of a conquering King. Most of us listened while holding onto one palm branch not really understanding it all. Then we all marched around and around the church waving the branches.
Now after all these years, as I have learned so much about it I realize a number of things. He didn’t come in on a horse because that would mean a war victory.  The other thing that sits in my mind as I muse over this is, as children we never put the branches down. We were to keep them and make wonderful palm crosses.  I still wonder about that.
Maybe it’s not that Christ doesn’t really want us to replicate His entry into Jerusalem but He wishes that we put ourselves down before Him. That in life we let Him ride into our hearts and change the whole conversation because, isn’t it supposed to be about giving our life to Him because He gave His life for us.
Something to think about

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