“Just Wait A Minute”

Have you ever thought about how much we have to wait patiently for things, or things to happen?  While on the gurney two weeks ago, I found myself waiting. I even said to the doctor, “another example of hurry up and wait”. He admitted that it happens more than he would like.

But we do wait patiently most times don’t we? Here are a couple of experiences that I think of. We wait in line. We wait for buses, trains and planes. We wait for news or a call or someone to show up. Each of these has its own particular aspect of interruptions of life. It’s a slight interruption as we are put on hold for a few minutes or even hours. Especially with call centers. Then there are kids who continually check their phones because they think it’s broken if they have to wait more than ten minutes for their next text from their friend who just might be standing 5 meters away.

Church is part of my life so I experience waiting in different ways than most. I find myself, waiting until a certain time before going out the door to get to church.  Not so much this morning with the snow and wind. I got up, got out and got here. Then I find myself waiting for people to show up at church. It’s a constant wait, not so much recently as more and more individuals are coming early to socialize and have their first Tim Horton’s. At the same time we wait for  God  and  His  answer to our prayers etc.

Over time  God  gave us and example of patiently waiting.  He  is waiting for us to find  Him , to realize we need  Him  and then to actually come to  Him .  He  waited until the right time to send  His Son . Even  Jesus  is now waiting and putting off coming again so people have opportunity to find  Him . And  He  does it so patiently. It’s an example of how we need to wait for the – whatever. Remember, it took forty years for the Israelites to finally get into the Promised Land. Join me in our wait, while  God  molds us and prepares our wait to be over. Which means we have to ask another question, are we ready?

Something to think about.

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