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Just Do It! Doesn’t always work

What takes priority in your life today? All of us set priorities. We even mull over the question, what’s important to us? Some will immediately admit it’s work. A long time ago, I remember sitting with an older man who asked me how I set priorities. At the time, young and foolish, I talked about all those things that occupy a young single man’s existence. He, being much wiser than I, knew of what I talked as he himself had walked the same path.
At a young age we seldom have lists of things and how they fit into our lives. We just do what is coming along. We figure we have lots of time and a full life spread out in front of us. ‘Doing what comes naturally’ was one of the phrases that seemed to pop out of your minds many times. As I listened to him I noticed a couple of things. Firsts I noticed missed opportunities in this conversation. Not many but a few that would never come about now due to time and abilities. The best part of the conversation was how he told me about so many experiences he had when he decided to make a plan and ‘work the plan’. From a sullen face to a sparkle in his eyes, I saw the change that came from knowing he had not missed out on any of the most important things in life and at times, found them. And all because, many years ago an older, wiser gentleman sat down with him and asked him, ‘What takes priority in your life’.
Now I find myself asking some ‘whatever comes’ young people the same question. You see, I saw it all come together and my priorities aligned themselves for me completely yesterday. Here was my Sunday. Priority #1. Church & God (and not just because I’m a preacher), then family, then concern for friends as I lay my head on the pillow exhausted by the day. A good exhaustion and a day filled with all that is important to all of us at any time in life. Woke to good news and knew God still works when I sleep and He continues to provide answers to our prayers. So, what’s your priority today?
Something to think about.