Right now we here at that the church are looking into the book of Philippians. It is no coincidence we are in this book at this time in history. Covid-19 has changed our world, our society and even our own personal world.

Not many of us knew what it was to be isolated. It’s not strange for individuals to know what this is all about if they got in trouble with the law. Hearing about people in jail gave us a glimpse of what it must be like. But we didn’t do anything wrong. We were going along, minding our own business and BAM! we were told to hunker down in place. Stay at home, stay safe is what they dictated to us.

I’m very lucky that I have a nice yard to get out into, where I can talk to my neighbour at a safe distance.  There is always something on the property that takes me outside, if not just to relax on the lawn chairs and watch the robin’s flying around and the woodpecker making some beautiful noise.  Yes I know you can open your windows and experience similar things.

There is a good side to this. A wonderful side that we can read about in Philippians. Paul was in jail. The prison in Rome was deep in the ‘bowels of the earth’ and he could not see the sun or the moon. Couldn’t see the flowers or feel the breeze on his face. There were no birds he could see or hear. There was just the ugly stench of a pit where men were caged and treated like animals.

What we need to know about this amazing book is Paul wrote primarily about JOY. Really? Yes, really. Even in the second chapter he encouraged people to stop grumbling and complaining. But in the first chapter he talked about how excited he was to hear all the good and great things that were happening back at church. We are still astounded by the first chapter, knowing that he was writing from jail.

We are not in jail, we are being directed by those who know, how to be safe and well. It is for our own good. Something similar to what Christ did for us. He came to save us similar to what the governments are trying to do to keep us safe and well.  Sit back today and read the whole book of Philippians and read it in light of what is happening in our life of isolating and staying safe and well.

Something to think about.



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