It’s Just A Phone

Have you ever been sitting waiting for your phone to ring? We all have done that at some time or other. Someone said they would call, and nothing. Sorry but if I don’t hear I am the one to call. With the younger generations and their cellphones we know they want to hear or see something on its screen ever ten minutes or they have to check to make sure it’s working. Really, they do. It’s also called an anxiety attack.
Ask them to put their phone down for an hour, they can’t. They keep going back to it to make sure they didn’t lose it or miss something important. I had this happen here at the church a month ago. Three young girls came up to me and asked if I had found a phone. The middle girl wasn’t in too much of a panic yet but she was searching everywhere. I suggested she should just call it. Her reply took me by surprise. “It’s probably out of power”. And phones have so many apps, whatever that it. I do three things with my phone; make calls, receive calls and take pictures. I don’t even have a bible app on it.
Here is my question and I know this dates me in the life cycle of aging but I wonder, are we really that important? I have a cellphone but I’m not attached to it.
The call I love to get I don’t have to wait for. I’m glad I know Jesus Christ and don’t need a phone to call Him. I believe He is the most important person that I need in my life. I have a song that sometimes goes around in my head; ‘I just have to call out His name’. Don’t even have to sit and wait, just call out His name and He comes. And why is that? Because we have an unbreakable bond, a covenant if you will that was written in His blood.
Something to think about.

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