It’s Dad’s Day Dude

This coming weekend it’s Father’s Day. I just thought I would remind everyone just in case your week is too hectic and many other things control your mind and memory. I heard somewhere that we have Father’s Day because some lady thought, mothers have their day, why can’t dads have a day as well.
Many of you know that I’m not a person to have a fuss made over. Low keyed, and feel more comfortable celebrating someone else’s good fortune. It’s not that I don’t like Father’s Day, it’s just that you can spoil someone else thank you. I like parties, I really do. And there are all kinds of things to celebrate as we motor on through life.
I loved my own dad. As I have said, he wasn’t perfect, but God chose him just for me. When there are days that relate to him, I still think about him and reflect on the good memories I had with him over the years we had him.
Being the person I am, I realize that we have another Father, who is perfect but we are constantly learn so much from Him because He is all knowing. As I read my bible I see His hand print on it. I read about wonderful ways He stepped into people’s lives and know He does the same with us. And everything He says and does it for our own good. Yes, even the commands.
This is what I know; my earthly father wasn’t always there for me but my Heavenly Father will never leave us or forsake us. He also gently guides us through life knowing the path we need to take and then He has the light on at the window, waiting for us to finally arrive home.
Something to think about

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