It All Starts At The Beginning

As many of you know, we are now into what we call, LENT.  It is a time when we think more profoundly on what Christ came to do and how it impacts our life. Some of you may not know this but Lent is a glimpse of Jesus life at the beginning of His earthly ministry. He started off with 40 day walk in the wilderness. There He fasted, and prayed. We don’t fast too much in our world today. But we can walk with Him for 40 days.

The reality of life has changed. No longer do we decide to give up something for lent. It used to be we gave up something we really liked, maybe chocolate or candy or, well you get the picture. Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday) was and still is the day you gorge yourself on all those things in life that you should steer clear off. You know what I mean.

Ash Wednesday, is the first day of the fast and prayer; and unlike Jesus, we have to include repentance of sin. It is also the day we start walking with Jesus to His cross and indirectly carrying our own cross. Remember; “take up your cross and follow me”.

These two words always invade my life at this time of year, “Examine yourself”. If we are honest, and I pray you are, you will find things you and I need to eliminate from who we are as human beings. When we do, maybe, just maybe we will start to see the benefits we encounter on our 40 day walk beside Him.

Something to think about


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