Ice On The Windshield

Well, I finally had to give in. Up until last Thursday, I had yet to use my ice scraper this winter. I knew I needed to scrap the windows a number of weeks ago but I used the handy old idea of using a credit card. Worked okay to a degree.

There is also another reason that I didn’t use the scrapper. I couldn’t find it. I know, I know. Probably in FL in Deb’s car? The odd time I could have used it I couldn’t find it so I just heated up the car and used the whippers. That was until the two nice days descended on us followed by instantaneous cold weather returning with its snow and freezing rain.

I had to do a couple of things outside and it lead to a couple more things and, well you know. Last thing I wanted to do before running inside was to clean off the car and get it ready for the drive to work the next morning. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. I discovered under the snow was frozen rain. It resembled the ice surface at the curling rink. This meant I would now have to get out to the garage and find the ice scrapper. This time I had success and found myself scrapping away for a good number of minutes. The temperature was dropping and I did an okay job and rushed into the house to get warm.

Interestingly it reminded me there are days in our lives where we try to do things without the proper equipment. The quick way out, usually takes more effort and longer. I may not need the ice scrapper all the time, but when I do, it makes the job easier.

This revelation made me smile when I thought life is not easy but it can be much better when we call on Jesus Christ every day because we need Him every day. As we keep going through this winter, keep your scraper near for when you need it, but always use prayer each day, so He can help us each and every day. The words of the hymn are: “I need thee every hour, most gracious Lord.

Something to think about.


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