History is His-story

Tuesday was THE day. Yes it was. For one group of people in our neighbourhood it was a great day. And that would be the parents and care givers. After two months of trying to think of things for the children to do, no more thinking is needed. Off they go, all shined up and. . .

That leads to the second group. They are the teachers who love what they do and look forward to the first week of Sept. Then there is the third group. The children themselves are both looking forward to school and getting to see all their school friends and new teachers, or they are not looking forward so much. Some kids don’t just get it like others. They are not looking at school as a good thing. Maybe because of the way they think negatively of school it becomes a negative, who knows.

Personally I liked school but, and didn’t you always know there’s a ‘but’ in there somewhere, I was bored. Yes, that’s right. I was a very different kid. I wanted to learn, learn and learn. I didn’t want to go over and over the same thing time and time again so I could get a good mark. Ie. I knew who Sir John A. was. They told us details about him and that was good but why did I have to go back over it until I could, when prompted, put the information down correctly on a sheet of paper? Anybody know who Alexander Mackenzie is?

It wasn’t until I arrived in grade six that it all changed. My teacher that year saw how bored I was and made a game out of it. He told me, if, if I got all my assigned stuff done I could take the free time to look into something that I really was excited about. It transformed my school years. Got to love it so much I ended up with twenty six years of education.

Interestingly, I have had the same amazing experience as I have learned all that it means to be a follower of Christ. It’s reading the bible over and over and in my spare time, looking for how the experiences of all those Bible characters relate to my own personal spiritual journey. It’s going beyond the story and learning about the God behind the story, the God who was and is in all of our journeys.

Something to think about.


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