Jesus Is The Light of The World

This coming Thursday is one of my favourite days of the year.  No, it’s not any type of holiday, nor is it a significant day in the life of me or my family. We don’t even have to mark it on your calendar because it’s already there on most calendars.

Most people think of it as the first day of summer. Yes, summer arrives this coming Thursday.  But that is not what I think of that day. There is something more amazing about this date being the start of a new season. For me and many people like me it is the day with the most sunlight. How much sunlight you might ask, well for us, it’s a total of fifteen hours, twenty three minutes and thirty-four seconds of sunlight. Don’t you just love that vitamin D?

As I drove to the office this morning I noticed a faint ray of sun off in the east at 4:30am. And last night as I settled into bed at 10pm there was still light in the sky. Why do I like this day of all days? It’s simple really; I’m affected by limited sunlight. Many people are you know. Too many rainy days in a row makes for a gloomy outlook.

But there is more. Every year it reminds me of our need of having the Son of God in my life. Yes, there are season of life that have less of the Son of God but we live for those days and weeks and months when Jesus Christ’s presence helps us get through our down days we have just traveled through. Maybe that is why we need to walk with Him daily.

Think of Jesus this coming Thursday and revel in the thought of how much He brightens all of our days.

Something to think about.


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