Good News

The saying, ‘It’s all downhill from here’ actually applies to everyone. Yes, everyone. No one is exempt. In the research I have done, the ‘prime’ of life is somewhere between 28-30 years of age. Sorry to all the older individuals like me that has to read this bad news.

But it’s not all bad. After all, don’t we start going faster when we are ‘going downhill’? Every age has its blessings. God made us this way so we can appreciate what He is doing in our life long lives. For me, after age 30, I started to think about life differently. You may have done the same thing. Our perspective on what is of value, important, and what is wasting my time starts about that age. We think different, we take a breath and we evaluate our life up until that point.

First we think about what we have missed and try to catch up. When we realize we don’t have to catch up, we move forward to enjoying the people in our lives and our arrival at our here and now. A reawakening if you will. Our priorities change and what moves us is more than things. For many of us, we think about what came before and what we missed and what is ahead, smile and feel contentment.

I believe this only happens when we throw off the desire to stay young, because you are what you think you are. But there is one thing about all of us that actually can get better and better as we get past 30 something. That is we can focus on growing in Christ.  A long time ago I learned about “lifelong learning”. Only later as birthdays came and went, did I understand it also came in the verse of scripture where it told us we are to ‘grow’ in Christ. And that is going uphill on a downhill run. Are you growing in Him? It’s the most important growth of our lives.

Something to think about.

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