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Note from the Pastor
With the beginning of summer I want to encourage everyone to be safe.  Already with only a couple of days into summer tragedy has struck. Be very cautious, stay safe and watch all children. Make this part of the pre-flight monologue the attendant repeats at the start of every flight.
You may have noticed that most people don’t even listen to the instructions. They do everything else but listen.  I want to give you one part of those instructions this first week of The Summer of 2017.
When the flight attendant gets to the oxygen mask drill so many things about the mask make me think of each and every person in this world. The mask supplies life giving oxygen, not just air. Secondly they tell you to put yours on first before helping others.
It is the same with our spiritual lives. Get that life giving flow of Jesus Christ yourself and then help others to get it as well. We need to begin being safe in the arms of Christ before we can help others. Once you have it, you will want everyone else to have what you have.
Now, go out and be safe, take time to worship Christ and then go out from Sunday Celebration equipped to help other discover the eternal life we receive by believing in Him.
Have a great summer.
Pastor Robin

July 30th

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Ice Cream Sundae Sunday.
Our annual Sundae Sunday is coming. Put it on your calendar. When we finish our worship time together we will enjoy some refreshments as we make our own sundaes.


AS A CHURCH OF PRAYERS:   Continue to pray for those not well in our fellowship and families.

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1.       For Jessie and his placement for rehabilitation.

2.       For Monica and continued strength in her neck
3.       Pray for Toby as he moves forward with monthly treatments, include the rest  of the family.
4.       For Charlene Wurster Kathy & Bernie’s daughter as they continue to search for answers.
5.       For Elizabeth Noble with employment.

6.       For Allan and Tammy’s search for a new rental place to live.
7.       For Joy & Martin looking for a new place to call home.

 Also, remember to pray for all those around us who are experiencing problems, stress and a feeling of pressure from many directions in their lives. God said: “Come to me ALL who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest”
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This Coming Sunday
The End – This whole series that has lasted a very long time, has been about finding ourselves somewhere in the pages of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. We are now at the end of it and we have one more item to look at. If our faith is all about Jesus, what final instruction can Paul give us to move on with the rest of our life and the insight he has shared with us? Come and find out.

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Pray about being the individual we need to fill a number of ministry positions here at MBC. Being a Christ follower is not a spectator sport. He asks us to be part of His team, equipping us for good works. Consider God’s call for you to be involved with some ministry. Here are a few to consider:
.There is a need for individuals to help with counting the offering.

.We need one more person for yard work and cutting grass. You don’t have to do this during the day, we can arrange for a time you are available.
.We need one more Children’s Ministry Teacher. There is no greater feeling then to pass on to the next generation what God has already taught you.
.We need one or two women to head up the Women’s Ministry.
.We need someone to upgrade our website as it’s getting a little dated.
.We need a family to open their home for an evening Small Group Study this coming fall. Complete training is there to get you started.

.We need an individual to come into church at 10am each Sunday and clean up and get our building ready for worship.
.We could also use a couple of other families to help with refreshments after church each Sunday. This is on a rotation system.
There are a number of other ministries and as God prompts you, let us know what ministry you would like to consider by dropping us a line.  We will be publishing a list of ministries we have to fill here at MBC. Please pray for that place of ministry God has for you.
With the exit of the Mandarin Congregation our church is in need of those items MMBC purchased while they were here and have need of them at their new facility. If you are able to help out with these added costs, please designate in on your offering envelop. Thank you.
Every Monday & Thursday morning:  If you are available we have many projects going on here at the church to help get our facility ready for Sept. There is outside gardening work that anyone who loves to garden can be involved with. Don’t have to worry about anyone being here. Just bring the tools you need from home and come over and help out.
For those people who could help inside, you can come on Mon & Thur. morning. We have cleaning, sorting, painting, shampooing the chairs, cleaning the chrome on chairs, clean windows, even working on things that need fixing. There are many more tasks that could be just right for you.

Check the many activities that are displayed on the bulletin board in the foyer just outside the church office door. It changes all the time. Also check the mail file in the foyer to see if there is any mail for you.
We want to encourage everyone to go on line to our church website to see what is planned for the next little while. You can also go to the calendar page and see what will be happening over the next few months.
May we encourage everyone to join in the task of raising funds for all the new windows. If you can help, above and beyond what you are already giving each Sunday, we can reach the goal of replacing all the windows very soon.