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Just so you know, it’s not about the presents. Really, it’s true. But then again, it also depends on how much of the kid within you still exists. Mine is still living, breathing and some have told me it will never disappear even though my hair has.
If we focus on the presents we will be sorely disappointed. We can all remember back to a Christmas when we didn’t get what we would have liked. That’s because it had to do with satisfying our wants. Which brings me to the point where we need to say to our children; “If God only supplies our every need, we will do the same as we copy His lead.”
Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive gifts. We all do. There is just something about getting a gift. Here is what I think. So many times I have realized that certain gift and what I actually received was the knowledge that someone loves me. That is the amazing gift that outlasts the physical toy that was broken in a day and put in the bin.
Our granddaughter over the years received lots of stuffed animals. She loves them all. The last time I asked, she could name all of them and could also tell who gave them to her. Get the picture? Well, at Christmas we celebrate the gift that God gave to us. He sent His Son into the world to save the world (that’s us) from their sin. That was a true and real gift. When we all realize that God’s gift can never be outdone, we will remember Jesus as the greatest gift of all and He came to be the Gift We All Needed.
Something to think about.