Fun On A Bike

It must be spring with Summer close behind. So often I have heard about all those places that point to having FUN. Wonderland, Niagara Falls on their boats and even Great Wolf Lodge.  It’s all about FUN.  This may date me but I used to have fun getting together with my friends and playing any game. No basket ball nets in the neighborhood so we did other games. Even made up our own games. Street hockey was there if you have a stick and a ball. We even had our own way of playing soccer before Canadians knew what it was.
Those games were not the real FUN.  Being together doing stuff was real FUN. Most of us had bikes and with them, we went everywhere. Exploring we used to call it. Summer fun for most of us was going to the local pool or if we were adventurous, we rode our bikes to one of the other pools that we thought might not be a crowded. Barton community pool is still there and it was a twenty minute bike ride from the house, up hill all the way there and nice easy downhill ride home.
After a long day at the pool, we looked forward climbing into bed and sleeping so will, dreaming about what might be our next adventure with the other kids on our block. As a kid, I also looked forward to Sunday School every week. Sunday we again joined in on other FUN times. It was fun, it was exciting to learn about all those people in the bible and ask if it was real that God could make a donkey talk. And if Sunday School was really good, we would go home for lunch and then go to the Children’s Ministry at the neighbourhood Salvation Army at 2pm. FUN was the only was to describe it.
What happened? There are so many places in our lives that describe themselves as being FUN. Know what, I have not heard that Sunday School or Church are one of them. What happened? My bible uses the word joy 242 times. Yet our churches . . .  You fill it in.  I’m not saying church needs to be just FUN, but it needs to make people smile because they have been there sharing an amazing wonderful, joyous time together.  One thing that I look for in a church is people smiling and hugging each other. Maybe that is where we need to start.  CTC has an advertising campaign on right now with bikes and at the end it says, CTC is ‘Your Fun Store”. Now, can your church have that as a slogan?
Something to think about.

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