Falling From Grace

Have you ever taken a tumble? I mean out in public. This morning I have been thinking about it because I nearly fell the other day and it hurt. By now, I thought I would be over it but there are the odd moments where the pain comes back to remind me to be safe.

Hey, get back here, I know your mind has gone off to the time you… well fell down in public. The two worst ones for me were, just missing the curb out on the main street and I went down way too fast and the other one was at church when I was playing at catching one of the kids and… well you get the picture. Both were not pretty.

Do you also remember what you did next? Like me, you felt embarrassed and foolish and you tried to jump up as if nothing had happened. We cover our misfortune and pretend nothing actually happened. For me, I pulled a few toenails out on the main street and felt the pain for a while without telling anyone. Many times, falling hurts. We don’t want to admit the fall or the reason. We really don’t want to admit we fell at all and we cover it up.

It’s the same in our life when we fall from grace. God’s grace is forgiveness even though we don’t deserve it. And just like our physical falls, our spiritual failure hurts. It hurts our witness, it hurts our heart, others feel it and it hurts God. Many times we worked hard at being all God wants us to be in this world and we are doing really well, until…  When we do, God forgives us and helps us up.

Here is what I know: “The greatest failure is not to fall it is to not get up again”. Notice I said, ‘again’? Every time we fall, or fail, we need to pick ourselves up, (and allow other to help us, even God, because He saw it when people didn’t), and get back to being all that God wants us to be. And we will leave it there because, it..

Sounds like something to think about?


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