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Easter Parade

Only a few more days until Easter.  I know it’s very near on account of what met me at church this morning. Just as I arrived at work I notice two rabbits on the front grass of the church. You look for Robins & I look for bunnies. Hadn’t seen them for a year or so. What a wonderful surprise as I chased a cat away. We are so fortunate here in this part of the world where we can connect many things in life that emphasis Easter.
The bulbs are up, Robins skipping across the grass that is now turning a wonderful shade of green. When I was a couple of years younger we were always told at Sunday school that spring is always a demonstration of God’s love and new life. It was so nice out last night I went working in the garden to clear away last falls dead leaves. And there, new growth was revealed poking up thorough the soil.
Also remembered way back when Easter was one of only three times in the year we received new clothes. Remember the song about the Easter Parade. Many people don’t realize that it was all about walking down Fifth Ave in NYC on their way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Easter is more than that. Christ died a terrible death. This is a known fact. The Roman Gov’t of that day wrote about His crusifixtion. Three days later He changed everything on Easter, He came back to life. He conquered death and brought new life to everyone who believes in Him. Just so you know, all the bunnies and chocolate, and eggs don’t replace the most important part of Easter. It’s all about Him and His sacrifice on the cross that brings new life that cannot be compared to anything else no matter how sweet it may be.
This Sunday, make your way to church. Celebrate the greatest gift you will ever receive, forgiveness and new life in Christ.
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