Easter – It Is Finished

The two most important holidays in our world are, Christmas and Easter. We all know how wonderful Christmas is. God sent His Son and we greet Him on Christmas morning. His coming was predicted and in the planning stages for millenniums. The gift of God was and is reflected in how we give gifts to our children and grandchildren. It was and is a reflection of what God did but in our own tangible way.  Sometimes we have to admit that we have not earned or deserve a gift at all. But we still get them and give others. Mind you, I can say the same thing for myself when I know my parents at times had good reason to take all the gifts back to the store.
As good as Christmas is, it is not the best gift or best holiday. The reason that I say that is because, we have done nothing to earn or deserved the gift of God. Be reminded, we don’t have to do earn or deserved God’s gift, but the key here is, Jesus at Christmas came to be with us. The whole world practises gift giving. And if you really think about it, that’s all it really is to the people of the world.
Now Easter is different. Jesus came not just to be here. He didn’t show up just to experience what a human experiences. He didn’t even come just to show us perfect living, even though He also did that. The two demonstrations to the world for Jesus, were; 1. To die & 2. To be raised from the dead. The dying was how He took on the sins of the world and paid the price. The coming back to life was to let us know He is alive and He has conquered sin.  His most important final words echo on Good Friday, ‘It is finished’. Three days later, the whole church shouted; ‘He Is Risen’.
To accept the gift of eternal life we ask Christ into your hearts and ask God in Christ to forgive our sins. Have you done that? Then do it now.
Something to think about.

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