Drowning Out God

We are now living in a very chaotic world filled with all kinds of societal pollution. Too many items in life are vying for our attention. I have been trying to relax and take some time away for a while. Early in the morning I’m sitting here listening to the traffic noise and the sound of airplanes flying constantly overhead. Even though it is early there was a car pulling up down the street and he honked his horn. They call all of this noise pollution and you have to drive a few miles out of town to get away from most of it. We have too much electronic devises that not only want our attention but they suck time out of our lives. Walk down the street and what do you see? Almost everyone has ear buds in their ears because they find it difficult to sit in silence.

Yes, the cell phone pollution, computer pollution have also taken over our lives. This pollution is growing so rapidly that they have terms for it and people, can’t seem to hang it up and put it away. Sitting over on the counter is my phone and it’s turned off. Young people have anxiety attacks if they don’t have some message or text every ten minutes or less. It’s so bad with some people they can’t sleep at night.

God told us to get away and meet with Him. We are to sit back, close our eyes and ears to everything but His still small voice. In amongst all this pollution, I can hear the birds singing, the breeze wafting through the trees as I catch the sound of some crickets in the bushes. Through them God is working to dispel all my anxiety and I feel the tension vanishing and calm coming over me.

It is now in this brief moment of solitude, while I’m pushing back on the noise, that I realize the pollution of this world is actually trying to crowd out God. Becoming more focused on Him, I can hear Him in the sounds of nature and I’m at peace and peace with Him. How about you?

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