Day One – Clean Slate

As I write this it is the very start of 2018. Jan 1st has been with us only a few hours. It’s here and so are we. On top of that 2018 has a clean slate.
Almost without thinking you are going to go over to the computer or tablet to add something new and start the year. As I look around I realize how our world has change. I also realize our lives are now multifaceted. Many reasons make it this way but the biggest reason is all the electronics we have at our finger tips.
I would like to challenge each and everyone of you.  As with you, I have a number of facebook accounts. One for the church, one for me and one for a group that answers and asks spiritual questions. The last one is only on invitation.  Here is my thought. I believe we say too much about our lives on the internet. We don’t need to tell everybody everything that is happening in our lives. In my frame of mind, (and I’m old), I believe the only person you need to tell everything to is the one that knows everything already. My challenge to you is don’t tell us so much.
Remember back when your mother found out? Well, we now know that when you put stuff on the internet, it doesn’t disappear. Go to your search engine, type in your name, see what comes up. Human Resources Personal are the first people to go on the internet and do just that. From what they read, they will make the decision about passing you by or having you come in for an interview.
Remember, it never goes away. I know all of us have things in our lives that we wish no one ever finds out about. You read that right, no one! I talked to a police officer who attends one of my former churches. He told me that they catch most criminals because they can’t keep their mouth closed. With Jesus we don’t have to tell Him. He already knows but here is the difference. God said, “if you ask for forgiveness, I will remember it no more”.
Ask that of Him right now as you and I start 2018. He will forgive us and remember our checkered past no more. Then, let’s all jump into 2018 with a clean slate and a God who smiles down on us.
Something to think about.

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