There are many people out there that do the same thing I do, week in and week out. Most of them sit down at their computer and try to think of something that the readers might be moved by. I started this way back in 1997 while I was pastor at Drumbo Baptist Church. That means, over all these years I have written over 1150 blogs. They started as a weekly article for the Ayr News published in Ayr Ontario.

In all these years I have written about joy & sorrow, learning & sharing life, and about learning to be a Christ Follower. While, at the same time, letting all of us know that God can be in every area of our lives. We just have to let Him. I have even communicated to you about getting it right in so many ways. Every part of who we are has been addressed in these Monday morning & Wednesday’s Paper, “Something to think about” articles. During this journey I have learned a lot about you and myself. This is supposed to be about connecting faith and life. It is where we discover more and more about what it means to connect the dots of life with the dots of faith. There is no greater way of doing this then recognizing that we connect spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social parts of life.

It is also something that happens when we live life and live it in the best way we know how. The start of this column began with an experiment. Many of you were there. I had no idea what I would do but week after week, let alone knowing what I was doing. It started with just writing about what I was working out in my own mind. God stepped into this experiment to let us know in many small ways that we cannot separate our faith from life.

Now, after all these articles, we find ourselves knowing what our present motto here at the church means in connecting faith, life, love and laughter. Maybe that is why we are here every Monday morning, trying to get it right. Yes, we make mistakes and fall down. But we don’t make the mistake of not getting back up again and moving forward.

I learned that in many ways we are all alike. We are all looking for the best way to get to the end knowing that God is not just in the end but in the journey. Didn’t Jesus say, He would never leave us nor forsake us? At times like we are in right now, God is helping us in our insecurities, to keep moving forward one step at a time. I believe He is in all five areas of life. We just need to hold on to Him while dealing with the one area of life we are struggling with at the time. We also, are doing it with each other. Glad you are here.

Today, I believe He is teaching us all to Stay Safe & Be Well.

Something to think about.



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