Cold with Snow

It’s cold out there. You probably know that but I just thought I would remind you. On the drive to work this morning the car thermometer said -21C. That’s cold even from the inside of the window. As I continued along the weather individual on the radio said it was cold and then said, it’s going to be colder on Wednesday. What! Isn’t it time things should be warming up?

Right now, I’m sitting in my warm 19C office and it is reading -12C outside. Better than an hour ago. Interestingly enough, it’s not just the cold we have to deal with. After telling us how cold it is, the weatherman said there is lots of snow coming and it will start before noon today. One thing is enough, right? But two things at once? Can’t we just skip to Sunday & Monday when it’s going to be +3&4C with sunshine?

I know, life’s not like that either. We can’t skip over the trials of life, and the weather is only a minor problem. There is no detour in life when we see something uncomfortable coming. Sorry to say, and I know from experience, God has us go through things we wish no one has to go through. And I’m not going to tell you it helps make you strong or you brought it on yourself.

What I am going to tell you is that in each case, two truths will happen. First, God will go through it with you and that means ‘if He walks with us to it, He will get us through it.’  The second truth is we will learn some life lesson out of it and maybe in the future, we can walk with someone who is experiencing a something similar.

So, when it’s cold this week, we will all be cold together. When it snows Monday & Tuesday, we will all be shoveling. And while you are out there being cold and blowing out your driveway, help the neighbour who is struggling with a shovel. That way everyone can get inside and warm again. Something about ‘Do unto others as . . .’ Also something like getting through a cold week and warming up to God’s presence at church come Sunday.

Something to think about   


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