Cleaning A Clock


It’s always good to get advice from a pro. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, there is always a professional somewhere who has the answer to any question. Of course that means we don’t ask a brick layer about installing a water line.Now, I know I’m not a professional clock repair person but I’m getting better. But better still, as you might know, I know one. Val has been fixing clocks and watches all his life. Doesn’t matter what I show up with, he inevitably knows the answer. I remember early on, when I had been working on a clock, I thought I had cleaned it pretty well because I knew clocks can’t clean themselves. It looked pretty clean to me. At the time Val had already told me about the need for thorough cleaning. Again, it looked clean enough to oil, so I did. It seemed to be running fine for a couple of weeks. I was so happy until it slowed and finally stopped. I had assumed it was clean but the new oil became the stream for the fine dirt (so he told me later) to get deeper into the works and make its way into bushings and eventually stop the clock. I learned why you have to clean very well.

It’s the same with our lives. Life, sin, and mistakes clog the bushings in our heart. And we get bogged down with life’s dust and dirt. Sure, we can add some oil to our lives but it doesn’t take the sin away. That is when we call on Jesus to come and wash us clean because we can’t clean ourselves. The crimson sin in our lives is changed by God’s cleaning of our hearts and it becomes white a snow. Just like the clock, it may look nice on the outside but it’s what’s inside that counts. And don’t call me to clean your heart. But I know someone who can and will. He alone knows our insides because He made us. He even knows what we need to look like inside. And when we invite He in, He comes and cleanses us from all sin that is not meant to be in our hearts.

And all we have to do is ask the professional.

Something to think about.


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