Christmas Is Coming

The race is on. No, I’m not talking about NASCAR. The race I’m writing about is all the stores trying to be first to get you to buy for Christmas. A couple of stores have their decorations up and the rest will probably be done by next weekend.  Really, it’s true.

The next thing will be Christmas music piped in at every store. The one place I never heard this music is at the gym. Unfortunately I can’t stay there all day. But then again, I like most Christmas music, even the “Hippopotamus For Christmas” one. But I draw the line on, “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart”. What was most most noteworthy about last year, for me anyway, was the long lead up distracted me about the shorter amount of sun light each day. At the same time I thought more about Jesus every day when I was surrounded by the presence of all those things that reminds me of Him.

It’s the same with most things in our lives. There seem to be more positives then negatives as we go through our lives. One outweighs the other and we can cope with one when we have the other. It’s like having a dog and we get all the love and affection from him or her and we endure taking it for a walk and cleaning up after it.

Some people would even apply it to church and being part of a community of faith. Now I’m not talking here about the people that make it to church on Sunday. I’m referring to the two sides of the coin, rules & rewards. In this case not only are both sides of the coin good, but even the edge of the coin has miniature steps to climb. Some think the 10 commandments are hard, but not really. They are there to make the other side of the coin a wonderful place to be.

So, when you see all those Christmas decorations in the next week or so let it remind you that each side of the ‘faith’ coin are bright and beautiful and a treasure to behold.

Something to think about


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