Child Of The King

Do you have a lot of stuff? All the cupboards and drawers and dressers and closets seemed to be bursting at the seams. We didn’t plan it this way, it just seemed to happen. Now, I’m not talking about taking this to the extreme, it just seemed to accumulate. Right?

Recently after dropping a few pounds I noticed there was a lot of clothes that didn’t fit anymore. Some of it I took to the tailors and he took them in. Thought it was fine until I noticed it wasn’t fitting the same. So, I put them away, just in case… After a while the realization came that they are not needed anymore and they went to the Salvation Army Store. Other clothes too large went to a good friend. Just the other day, I found a couple of items that were hiding on me and now they are going this week.

Did you know we all have things to give away but don’t, because, ‘it’s mine’. The most precious possession we have we tenaciously want to hold on to. But it is the best thing we can give away. What is it, it’s your faith in Jesus Christ. We didn’t receive Christ to hold on to. It’s like a parent’s love, no matter how many children you have, they all receive the same amount of love. There is enough for everyone in this world. So, when you get it, give it away and more love will come to you. We need to give Jesus away to others who need Him as much as we did. Maybe that is why God told us, we are adopted by Him and become a child of the King.

Something to think about.


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