If God asked you to do something, would you? At church we talked a little about the Apostle Paul who heard the resurrected voice of Jesus. It changed him. I’m surmising that not too many of us here today have heard His audible voice lately. But, let’s say you heard Him ask you to do something, would you?

Too many times in the bible, God does ask and people find ways of getting out of it. Moses said, “I’m not a good speaker.” I believe very strongly that when God asks, it’s because He knows all about us and knows that it is in our abilities and power to get it done. Listen to this, He would never ask us to do something we can’t do! No excuses allowed. No saying to God, “There has to be someone who is better at this then me.” If I had said that way back in 1968, I would have stayed at Dofasco my whole life and played with machinery.

Do I think I am good at what I do? Not really, but I do the best I can at what I’ve got and leave the rest to Him. How about you? My bible tells me God has given us a gift and He has also given us gifts. The gift is the one thing He has called us to do in life with His presence. Back to Moses, God called him to lead the sheep. Just so you know the rest of the story, it took Moses 40 years to learn how to lead sheep. The gifts are all those things that make us who we are and into the person in life that we become in God’s presence. It is a person that grows daily in becoming more and more like Jesus.

When you find both or these, you have arrived at knowing why He put you where you are. In all cases, both the gift and the gifts are there to help us help each other. I think the church has forgotten that along the way. We were too busy reading the book while neglecting to let the book live out in our hearts and life.

The calling of God can be summed up in the following: If we follow what He asks us to do, the world will know we are Christians by our love. By the way, if you have not heard His voice lately, you probably haven’t opened you bible lately.

Something to think about.



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