Because He First Loved Me

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Can you tell me, if it’s true? I have heard that saying thousands of time over the years and I’m not sure it’s always true. Sounds nice when you’re telling it to someone you are passionately in love with. And I get that but, what about everyone else.
Case in point; I worked at one company for seventeen years and got to be great friends with a number of individuals over those years. There were some characters we did things together with outside of work, like going for chicken wings on Tuesday nights with Gary.  It was great. But when I left there, I didn’t see any of them ever again. We didn’t have the connection that brought us together in the first place.
Where is this coming from? Well, this morning I saw something and it reminded me of my dad. There was a chain of events in my mind that went something like this. I saw the brilliance of the sunrise that triggered my memory of Dad and another similar morning. That is when the mind took me on a wonderful journey. The outcome was not only that I smiled about how dad and I had an experience something similar those long years ago but it told my heart, I miss him still.
Out there, you are reading this and thinking of someone, some event or experience and the people you experienced it with. As you look away from the print, you relive some amazing moments and you smile. Some of you even remember some things you experience with God in Christ. Things that change your heart & life way back when. Then you wonder how you drifted away from the most important person, not just in the room, but in your life. Unlike not having my dad around anymore, Jesus is still here. He is still alive. It’s just that we moved away from Him.
The saying we started with is true when we are really in love with that individual. We need not allow life or anyone else, take us away from our ‘first love’. When life gets in the way it’s me who moved away from Him, and maybe now is a good time to go running back to Him and experience His love once again. And if you don’t know Him, go find Him and you will know what I’m saying. The words of the song written in 1855 is absolutely still true today: “Oh how I love Jesus . . . because He first loved me”.  And He is the connection that brings us all together.
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