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Arrivals Level

Do you get excited about people coming to visit, or going to visit someone?  I sure do. Last year we went to England to visit cousins. Almost from the day we made the decision to go, we were so excited. Planning is also a big part of it. Picking a date that suits both sides. Finding a airlines that doesn’t charge too much. Other things like, how to get to the airport, what is waiting on the other side, and that means being ready to drive on the wrong side of the road? What do we take, what will we need?  Oh, did I mention taking a gift for them as well. Maple syrup seems to always work.
While we were there, a couple of them started talking about coming over this way at Easter while Deb is in Florida. Before you could count to ten, there were eight people who wanted to come. More excitement, more planning and in a few days they will be here. We are all counting the days and excited to see everyone again. Someone even said something about “Twice in one year!”
Yes, seeing each other again so soon is a treat to each and every one of us. Now you know what I’m talking about because I know you have been thinking about your own trips and company. So many smiles and so many memories that go along with so many people we miss.
That is how it’s going to be when we all get to heaven. Well except we will not be carrying any baggage. How’s your planning going for that? Just asking. Jesus said no one knows the time or the hour. We just need to be ready. After I accepted Jesus into my heart I knew I would someday be going to heaven. And not just for a visit but forever. For me, it’s been fifty five years so far of anticipation and my excitement is growing knowing that at the end of life’s journey, I will come into heaven and see not just those who have gone before me, but I will step into His presence and see Him face to face.   
Are you ready to see Jesus? Something to think about.