Another Sunrise – In Convoy


What’s with all these too early days? I knew sleep would not be coming back any time soon, so at a couple of minutes after four, I decided to make a stab at starting my day. In a flash I found myself barrelling down the west bound QEW tucked in behind this big old 18 wheeler headed east with so many other early risers.

Nothing unusual in any way. At this time of the morning what would you expect, same darkness, same highway light, same sights and sounds. Thought about a previous article where I mentioned watching blank faced individuals just driving. That morning my mind went in another direction. I found myself looking far down the road in front of me wondering where are all these people going at such a crazy hour of the morning? Maybe they were awake like me and decided to get an early start on the day. Maybe, maybe they were empty mindedly saying to themselves. “Same crap, different day”. I hope not because every day produces so many amazing new things to see and experience.

Then again, maybe, just maybe they don’t have any idea where they are headed. My bible talks about sheep without a shepherd & sheep being lead to slaughter. But that morning the awareness of God came and sat beside me and spoke decisively. I felt Him say to me, “Who can I send, who will go for Me?” I woke from my own lethargy and realized the maybe, just maybe all these people really don’t know where they are going and they are in need of someone to lead them. Our world is filled with people who want to know where they are headed, unfortunately there aren’t many who will lead them on their way.

Jesus said, “Follow me”. I don’t believe He meant just getting in line like a big old convoy rolling down the QEW in the centre lane at 4:30am. I honestly believe Jesus was say, “I know where I’m going, come along”. This all encompassing FOLLOW means following Him all through this life and on into the next. I do know where I’m going. Do you want to know where you’re headed? Jesus can show you, and if you are already following Him, invite others to come along.

Something to think about.


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