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Another Detour.

There are days.  You probably have them just like me. These are the days you don’t feel good about how you got through the day. Seems like you didn’t do much. Nothing accomplished and you might even think of yourself as a bit of a failure. It happens to me. Many mornings I get up and thank God for the day and ask Him to help me in those things I want to get done and all those things I want to accomplish.
Then it happens. No, it’s not any one great big road block, it’s just those insignificant detours. It’s getting off on a siding and sitting there for longer than you expected waiting for the other train to go by. Life throws this stuff at us all the time. Have you ever thought to yourself, you were not just getting things done but you were not even making it happen? You felt that no matter what you have done, nothing is working out.
Don’t feel bad. You are no alone, I’m not alone.  We are actually in good company. Remember that guy Peter who started off seeking to change the world and he ended up in prision and died? Or how about John who ended up on an island were he passed his time watching the sun rise and then seeing it set? Or how about that Moses guy who sat in the dessert watching sheep? For forty years!
But did they? Not at all, they knew God had something special for them to do and they took the time to find out what it was.
Yesterday I introduced the Gospel of John to someone who has never read it. John told all of us about God’s love in Christ and taught us about grace and joy and peace. Someone once said, when life presents you with a bunch of lemons, make lemonade.  When things don’t go as planned, change the plan and ask God to show you where to go from here. John did and he wrote a gospel that we are still reading today.
Something to think about