All Thumbs

Almost hit a pedestrian the other day. No, not intentionally. They were walking along, phone in both hands and I assume they were reading at text message. They didn’t see me coming and I might have frightened them a little and maybe even woke them up to the world around them. They smiled at me when they recognized me.

This got me to thinking about these devices. They tell us that 63.4 % of the world’s population have one and that it’s probably over 90% of Canada’s population have one. That’s a lot of people with somewhere to go and are blinded of the world around them each time they look at that 5” screen. Part of these cellphone statistics also tell us that individuals on average touch their phone 2617 times a day.  Boy, would I have liked to be the person that sat there and counted all those times and all those people.

This got me to thinking about all those people gazing at their screen.  And because they are so focused, they neglect to see the world around them. They bump into poles, and people and cars and . . . Well, you get the idea. It’s so unfortunate that we are developing into a society that focuses on the infinitesimal and neglect to see the bigger picture.

I understand that God made the world for Himself and then decided He wanted to share it. That is when He created humans. “For the beauty of the earth” is a beautiful song, but a better truth if you look up from your phone. God created a big amazing world and we walk along totally oblivious to it. And even though we have contact with people with our texting, nothing can replace one on one, face to face conversations. Not even a one on one with God as we walk with Him enjoying His creation!

Something to think about.


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