Action Defines Love

Saw an interesting commercial on line just this past week.  It was on a Christian website and read: “Simple Assessment Reveals How Well You Really Love Your Spouse”. You listen to it, answer the questionnaire, and get the results, or so I’m assuming. This is what I heard just from the title. If you love someone – like, REALLY love someone, won’t you do ANYTHING for them? Forget the macho dude attitude and, if momma isn’t happy stuff. Neither will work well in a relationship as one will think they are more important than the other.
But I’m going one step further train of thinking and hope you want to join in, as this applies to anyone and everyone you love. Jesus definition of love is totally demonstrated in what He did for others. Just go and look, watch Him sitting with Nicodemus late at night when sleep was probably on His mind, or washing feet even though He was the most important person in the room. Or dropping everything He was doing to go shed a tear for Lazarus.
This is how it applies to our own situations. Yes, that’s plural. Here is what I think. What would you do to show a person you love them? Love always has an action and a reaction. As a manager a long time ago I learned a very important lesson. If you really want to lead with love you ask, “What can I do to make your life (job) easier?” Many times we don’t ask the question and don’t get an opportunity to demonstrate love in a mundane or simplistic way. Take a look at the young couple on their wedding day then look at them now. What happened with the love?
Maybe it’s something intuitive. Something you know but . . . you don’t do it. Well, it’s past time for all of us to put into practise Jesus command just after He washed feet. “Love one another AS I have loved you. . .
Not just Something to think about – but – love is something to do.

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