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The Winds Of God Blow Through Our Hearts

Published October 16, 2017

And the big wind blew! How was it at you place yesterday afternoon? We were just home from church and I was spending some time on the computer when all of a sudden I hear a big bang. At that moment the electricity went out and the screen when black. This has happened the odd time but came back on pretty quick. Not this time. The wind was so severe the rain was going sideways and you couldn’t see five feet in front of us. I didn’t know that until I looked up from my computer screen. I looked out […]

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Something to Talk About

Published September 20, 2017

Have you ever notice how so many young people have little to no concept of who God is. I had opportunity recently to sit and listen, (without them realizing) to young people and their conversation. They talked about this, that and the other. They talked and texted and seemed to be in their own little world. Then I realized that I was seeing a glimpse of myself a long time ago. Well except for the texting bit. Did I ever tell you about my girlfriend’s mom putting a phone in my room and paying the monthly bill so I could […]

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Just Do It! Doesn’t always work

Published September 11, 2017

What takes priority in your life today? All of us set priorities. We even mull over the question, what’s important to us? Some will immediately admit it’s work. A long time ago, I remember sitting with an older man who asked me how I set priorities. At the time, young and foolish, I talked about all those things that occupy a young single man’s existence. He, being much wiser than I, knew of what I talked as he himself had walked the same path. At a young age we seldom have lists of things and how they fit into our […]

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Published August 30, 2017

Jesus is the light of the world but what does that have to do with our light?

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Cleaning Up Our Lives

Published August 23, 2017

Many of us have the odd bit of stuff that gets into our computer and mess it up. We don’t really want them there. I realized this morning that my computer seemed to be a little slower than usual and I wondered? Could it be some part of the vast internet was trying to get on my computer? Then the three websites that I have going, were all down. What’s with that? And why would they try to hack a small player in the vastness of the internet where they are nothing but an inconvenience? Thanks to our amazing son-in-law, […]

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Another Detour.

Published July 10, 2017

There are days.  You probably have them just like me. These are the days you don’t feel good about how you got through the day. Seems like you didn’t do much. Nothing accomplished and you might even think of yourself as a bit of a failure. It happens to me. Many mornings I get up and thank God for the day and ask Him to help me in those things I want to get done and all those things I want to accomplish. Then it happens. No, it’s not any one great big road block, it’s just those insignificant detours. […]

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Take A Seat

Published June 5, 2017

I’ve been doing something new lately. It isn’t earth shattering or anything like that. It’s more like a gentle push in a direction that I’m not used to going. After a very full week I took the opportunity to just go and sit down outside. Liked it so much I did it again the next day. All this interest in quiet moments came out of watching a commercial on tv. You have to know that I mute almost all commercials. I don’t want what they are selling and don’t want to hear about a, “you deserve this” item. It was […]

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Published May 1, 2017

We all make mistakes.  Some silly and some, not so much. Let’s just say I know this from personal experience. If you were the cause of a car accident you know. Sometimes we are not proud of the mistakes we have made during our lifetime but they are there non-the-less. Many things we have done we even pray no one ever finds out about them. Not good in our sight, the view of others and even in God’s sight they are not good.  I want you to know that mistakes, even the bad ones, can be good things. Most of […]

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Published April 24, 2017

Last week I was driving and noticed maybe for the first time in years, that I was the only one on the QEW. Yes, it was a holiday weekend and I was up way too early, champing at the bit to get to church. I enjoyed the solitude. Turned the radio down low and just spent time with God. Many people in our world today don’t do this. Most people always have the radio on or the tv just for background noise or have it for the company. Which gives me the impression, no one wants to be alone. Just […]

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Easter Parade

Published April 11, 2017

Only a few more days until Easter.  I know it’s very near on account of what met me at church this morning. Just as I arrived at work I notice two rabbits on the front grass of the church. You look for Robins & I look for bunnies. Hadn’t seen them for a year or so. What a wonderful surprise as I chased a cat away. We are so fortunate here in this part of the world where we can connect many things in life that emphasis Easter. The bulbs are up, Robins skipping across the grass that is now […]

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