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Ice On The Windshield

Published January 15, 2018

Well, I finally had to give in. Up until last Thursday, I had yet to use my ice scraper this winter. I knew I needed to scrap the windows a number of weeks ago but I used the handy old idea of using a credit card. Worked okay to a degree. There is also another reason that I didn’t use the scrapper. I couldn’t find it. I know, I know. Probably in FL in Deb’s car? The odd time I could have used it I couldn’t find it so I just heated up the car and used the whippers. That […]

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“HAPPY” New Year

Published December 26, 2017

Now that Christmas is past, prayerfully it stays with us a little longer than one day. We now start saying, “Happy New Year”. I wonder why that phrase? Doesn’t really matter I guess. But did you know that here in North America, (British Colony) they celebrated the New Year on March 1 up until 1752. After that it was moved to January 1. What makes it a new year and what is this ‘happy’ all about it? In my own personal life, as I have said before, I try to start a new year every morning. Most of us approach […]

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Merry Christmas

Published December 18, 2017

I have great news! One week today Christmas will have arrived. It’s been a long time since the Pope in 353AD declared Dec 25th the day to celebrate Jesus birth. A lot has happened over all these years. Not only has Christianity grown to be the largest religion in the world but Christmas has become universal. Everyone is celebrating “The Season”. It has moved past the celebration by people who know all about Jesus. Part of the main emphasis of Christs birth rides on the reality that God wanted to show the world that He loved them and desired to […]

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Published December 11, 2017

Just so you know, it’s not about the presents. Really, it’s true. But then again, it also depends on how much of the kid within you still exists. Mine is still living, breathing and some have told me it will never disappear even though my hair has. If we focus on the presents we will be sorely disappointed. We can all remember back to a Christmas when we didn’t get what we would have liked. That’s because it had to do with satisfying our wants. Which brings me to the point where we need to say to our children; “If […]

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Nothing Is Impossible

Published November 13, 2017

Have you ever wanted to sing what Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way”? I believe what we followers of Jesus Christ really want to say is; “We want to do it God’s way.” But when I reflect back to how I arrived where I am today I have just a few people to thank for getting me here besides God. Beyond them I spent time talking to God and listening to what He had to say. He always told me to never give up and never take a back seat in my life. Then He called me into […]

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I Didn’t Know That

Published November 8, 2017

There are many mysteries in life. How the universe works and stays in perfect balance is one. Not too many planets seem to get out of their orbit. At least that is what we have observed for a very long time. I would have to say, that the shepherds that looked up into the night sky when Jesus was born probably saw the same heaven we see when we look up into the night sky tonight. All are in perfect harmony. Closer to home, we ask ourselves, why were we born & what is my purpose in life? We are […]

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The Winds Of God Blow Through Our Hearts

Published October 16, 2017

And the big wind blew! How was it at you place yesterday afternoon? We were just home from church and I was spending some time on the computer when all of a sudden I hear a big bang. At that moment the electricity went out and the screen when black. This has happened the odd time but came back on pretty quick. Not this time. The wind was so severe the rain was going sideways and you couldn’t see five feet in front of us. I didn’t know that until I looked up from my computer screen. I looked out […]

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Something to Talk About

Published September 20, 2017

Have you ever notice how so many young people have little to no concept of who God is. I had opportunity recently to sit and listen, (without them realizing) to young people and their conversation. They talked about this, that and the other. They talked and texted and seemed to be in their own little world. Then I realized that I was seeing a glimpse of myself a long time ago. Well except for the texting bit. Did I ever tell you about my girlfriend’s mom putting a phone in my room and paying the monthly bill so I could […]

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Just Do It! Doesn’t always work

Published September 11, 2017

What takes priority in your life today? All of us set priorities. We even mull over the question, what’s important to us? Some will immediately admit it’s work. A long time ago, I remember sitting with an older man who asked me how I set priorities. At the time, young and foolish, I talked about all those things that occupy a young single man’s existence. He, being much wiser than I, knew of what I talked as he himself had walked the same path. At a young age we seldom have lists of things and how they fit into our […]

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Published August 30, 2017

Jesus is the light of the world but what does that have to do with our light?

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