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Mission, Vision & Values

Vision Statement 

“Connect Faith & Life.”

Mission Statement 

“To show Jesus Christ to our community one individual at a time.”

Values – We are: 





A refuge


There is more to us then these statements.  We are a community of people who seek to be a people of God. To grow not just in our knowledge of God, but a people who realize we need to reflect all we have learned about God and Jesus that others may see Him ( God) in our eyes. I heard an interesting statement recently and I will paraphrase here.  “It is often the case, many non-church people think everyone in the church are hypocrites.” Many people in church draw back when that statement is thrown around. The reality is, we are not hypocrites, we are just broken people looking to mend. The work is continuous. Yes, we say we are Christ Followers, but like the disciples, there are times we fail. Like Peter and his denial of Christ, we fail miserably and unfortunately that is what the non-church see. In each one of those times of failure, we also experience growing closer to God.

The world never sees us when we become enlightened through the word or finally find resolution with something we have struggled with for years. Everyone here at Milton Baptist Church realizes we have not yet made it, but unlike the world, we are trying our best to be better.

Come and join us as we search together on a path that leads to heaven. Just so you know, we do believe we are getting better as we look to Jesus, who is the author and perfecter of our faith.