A Good Thing At This Time

Have you noticed anything really fantastic lately. Maybe that is what we are supposed to look to in times of trials. Looking for something fantastic. There have been many times in our world when we were so caught up in something terrible, something else started to happen all around us.
In recent years, a number of activities have been displaced by ‘more’ important issues at hand. I wasn’t there, but I have heard that when WW2 was steam rolling across the world, the news was filled with the horrors of it. Here in Hamilton, the Spectator published a list, posting it every day in their front window showing the list of casualties. It was a terrible time. Well, almost.
There were other times in history where a calamity, like we are going through right now, shook the very foundation of our society. We have all heard of them and know the statistic and the tragedy of losing.
Today is no different than what our forefathers went through. They went through their own Waterloo, Vimy Ridge, and the Spanish flu.
I noticed something the other day. After the news about our own epidemic and all the details ended, something extraordinary happened. Well, actually – it didn’t happen. There seemed to be no other terrible news. Not a word about wars going on, no news about terrorism at our doorstep, not even a single word on the tension between nations. All was and is quiet.
It really showed itself when the evening news on Sunday finished with the pandemic. It was then, they focused on everything to do about Easter. The Pope with his message ,the Queen with hers, and how the church has transitioned onto our computer monitor.
Since we have been bombarded with information about our worldwide problem our primary focus has changed the world. Everyone of us in this world are now fighting a war with the virus and not with each other. And I noticed it on Easter Sunday. It was Jesus coming alive in our midst. We are going to Him in prayer and He will continue to answer.
Something to think about.


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