One Place

Most of you are probably like me. You put something away and for some unknown reason, can never find it again. I’m not saying that I have the ability to have everything in its place and a place for everything. And I’m not saying I always put things back where they belong. What I am saying is I might just have too many things and too many places to put things.

A good friend of mine tried to teach me that the best way to deal with all the stuff we have is to put it back as soon as you finish with it. Well Doug, I’m still trying but I think it is too far ahead of me I will never get caught up. I’m not giving up. I’m just being real.

Then again, maybe I’m only meant to have a couple of things in order. Maybe all of us have a certain amount of “In Place Items” where they need to be.

If this is so, we need to prioritize. Discover what the most important think in your life is and make that happen. When you have that, move to the next item.

I’m starting slowly and this is my first two items:

1. CHRIST needs to be in my heart. “dwell in my heart through faith”.

2. IF #1 is true, and happening, then everything in its place and a place for everything will mean, I need to be where Christ needs me to be in mission, in ministry and in His house on Sunday morning.

Something to think about and a list that will grow as we grow in Him.


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