May, 2020



There are many people out there that do the same thing I do, week in and week out. Most of them sit down at their computer and try to think of something that the readers might be moved by. I started this way back in 1997 while I was pastorRead more

What’s Normal?

I have a question for all of you. You can write me back with your answer if you would like. Here goes. ‘What is normal?’ Lots of people are talking about getting back to normal. What does that really mean? If normal means doing anything and everything, I have someRead more


Today is a great day! It is. I’m not saying that there won’t be some trials or problems or difficulties or struggles. But I am saying it’s going to be a great day. Pretty simple to say. We wake up in the morning, maybe even lay there for a fewRead more


Right now we here at that the church are looking into the book of Philippians. It is no coincidence we are in this book at this time in history. Covid-19 has changed our world, our society and even our own personal world. Not many of us knew what it wasRead more