April, 2020


Rubbing Off On Others

Many of us are looking for the end of the rainbow. Our rainbow might be getting out and embracing some of what we had in life before all this started. We also know that after a storm there is a rainbow. While I have been isolated, I didn’t stay thatRead more

Together While Apart

We are all talking about how life has changed in just two months. We do grocery shopping on one day. We fill up the gas tank in the car once every month or so. Many of us are now shopping online. Maybe for you the realization that you are spendingRead more

A Good Thing At This Time

Have you noticed anything really fantastic lately. Maybe that is what we are supposed to look to in times of trials. Looking for something fantastic. There have been many times in our world when we were so caught up in something terrible, something else started to happen all around us.Read more


We must admit this virus is not just changing the world, it’s changing us. I don’t have to explain it to you, we are all going through it together. Even the Queen said we are all in it together with one goal, to win this war together. On Sunday theyRead more