Can’t Have One Without The Other

You know this but I just thought I would remind you.  As a church, just ahead of us we have Good Friday. Because of that we realize more than ever, we could say why it’s good and why it’s good for us. All too often, God stretches down His mighty hand to bring us up to Himself. That is what is good about Good Friday.

Then Sunday comes. For me, there are two dimensions to Easter. Most of the world knows about it. Some people you know might say that Easter is all about rabbits, chocolate chickens, and eggs. If you know the story of Jesus you will recognize it’s more than that. The rabbit and chicken relates to a pagan festival of fertility, where the coming of spring garners new births and everyone around the world coordinated their special spring day at our Spring solstice.

If you are going to be going to church this coming Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday you will be going for one thing and one thing only. You go because you know there must be something about this Jesus guy that came back from the dead. Not only that, in doing so, He conquered death. Just so you know, it’s all true. Just go to John 20 or Matt 28, Mark 16 or Luke 24.

You see, Jesus was either a fanatic or He was the real deal. Personally, I’m going with the second option. Over the years I have spoken at Easter Services more than forty-nine times. I agree that Jesus was who He said He was, and I know He brought more than just eternal life.

In recent years with all that is going on in this world I learned something revolutionary.  Jesus first and foremost did bring forgiveness to anyone who asks.  But there is more and it took me a while to figure it out. Jesus came to pay the price of our sins. He also came, secondly, to let us know that the whole world needs Him and His love that conquers all.

It had me thinking. He loved the whole world and He wants us to love the same way. The two go hand in hand. If you really, really have the one, the other is bound to show up at the least expected moment. The reason that I say this is, the person of Jesus is inseparable from His love or the other way around. Once you have met Him you feel His love and you will be changed to love like He does.

Something to think about


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